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Specialised Pet Courier Service

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Welcome to Pets Express Taxi Service

East Anglia’s Number One Pet Courier is government approved with a Type 2 license for the transportation of pet animals in the UK and Europe. We have 37 years experience of professionally transporting pet animals throughout the United Kingdom and Europe.

Pat Wilson, Pets Express Taxi Service

Specialised Pet Courier Service

Pets Express Taxi Service is owned and run by Pat Wilson who has 37 years experience as an RSPCA Officer supporting their fight to improve both the welfare conditions and the transportation of our animals.

Pat Wilson, Pets Express Taxi ServiceDuring his service as an RSPCA Inspector, Pat dealt with both the welfare and needs of many animals including traditional companion animals, farm animals, livestock, exotics, birds and marine mammals.

As a Chief Inspector, he was responsible for staff and their ability to perform at the highest level of professionalism and to uphold the RSPCAs high standards of animal welfare and transportation.

It is with great excitement and enthusiasm that he has become part of the formation of PETS, this has allowed him to bring together 37 continuous years of experience and knowledge to ensure that your pets are professionally provided for when in our care which will ensure your ‘Peace of Mind’

Animal & Plant Health AgencyApproved & licensed by DEFRA
Type 2 Transport for both Great Britain & Europe

RSPCA Full member of the RSPCA

RSPBMember of the RSPB

Member of the Pets Forum

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