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Specialised Pet Courier Service

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Pets Express Taxi Service

We only transport your pets with skillfully constructed vehicles which are designed to provide for your pet’s safety and welfare. Your pet will travel in secure accommodation and within caging that is professionally constructed and fitted by Alpha Cages.

Pet Courier Vehicle

Your pet will travel in a stress free environment which is closely monitored for the duration of the journey. Pets Express Taxi Service provide the ultimate in domestic pet travelling, which is exactly what we want for our pet passengers.

Lighting and CCTV

The load area in which the individual pets will travel is lit by cool white LED lighting and during each journey, all of the travelling pets are constantly monitored by a Durite colour CCTV camera.

Temperature Control

The days of fluctuating extremes of hot and cold are gone. The temperature within the passenger pet’s travelling area is pre-determined prior to the commencement of the journey. The selected temperature is maintained, even when the vehicle is stationary and the engine is turned off.

Fleece Bedding

We only use Veterinary Bedding in our cages and carriers. Veterinary Bedding is one of the top selling brands in the UK. It is recommended and used by many veterinary practices, kennels, catteries, top breeders and animal welfare professionals.

Vet bedding is a medical grade fleece that has an ultra soft, 30mm deep pile that provides a luxuriously comfortable resting place for our pet passengers for the duration of their journey

Animal & Plant Health AgencyApproved & licensed by DEFRA
Type 2 Transport for both Great Britain & Europe

RSPCA Full member of the RSPCA

RSPBMember of the RSPB

Member of the Pets Forum

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