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Pets Express Taxi Service Reviews and Recommendations

Read some reviews here from some Pet Passenger owners, and some professional references.

Prince To Cheshire

Prince to Cheshire

When you have to transport such 'special cargo', you need to know that the person entrusted with the job, is going to treat your pet as you would treat them yourself - I had never heard of pet couriers before, so I was somewhat concerned...
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Kevin Degenhard

Kevin Degenhard

I have known Pat Wilson throughout his thirty six years’ service as a fellow RSPCA officer and we remain good friends, both committed to furthering the welfare needs of animals. During his long RSPCA service...
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Mike Hogg

Mike Hogg

I currently own and operate two businesses which provide a high quality pet animal transportation service for peoples pets throughout the UK and Europe for which I am licensed by DEFRA to operate. I also own a local pet care service...
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Brexit To Berlin

Brexit to Berlin

Our daughter’s cats Sandy and Panda were to be transported from Norfolk to Berlin with a stopover at the Pladstow. Patrick contacted us with a view to taking the cats a day early (on the Sunday) to avoid Monday traffic.
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Animal & Plant Health AgencyApproved & licensed by DEFRA
Type 2 Transport for both Great Britain & Europe

RSPCA Full member of the RSPCA

RSPBMember of the RSPB

Member of the Pets Forum

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