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Sandy and Panda’s Brexit to Berlin

Our daughter’s cats Sandy and Panda were to be transported from Norfolk to Berlin with a stopover at the Pladstow.  Patrick contacted us with a view to taking the cats a day early  (on the Sunday) to avoid Monday traffic.  The cats had a course of natural sedatives from the vet, and when Patrick and his wife arrived, they were no problem settling into their cat baskets for the journey.

We were given a huge amount of reassurance from Patrick that the cats would be transported safely  and that he would keep us updated.  It was very emotional seeing them go (as only pet lovers will know!) but Patrick duly kept us informed and  they arrived at their next couriers in West Sussex.  Due to delays at Calais their journey took a little longer with Animal Couriers Ltd, but eventually they arrived in Berlin.  They have settled in very well in a huge apartment with lots of places to explore and hide!

Thank you Patrick.

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