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Mike Hogg, Pet Animal Transportation Services

mike-hogg-portraitI currently own and operate two businesses which provide a high quality pet animal transportation service for peoples pets throughout the UK and Europe for which I am licensed by DEFRA to operate.

I also own a local pet care service that provides a local pet taxi, dog walking and a home boarding service.

Prior to this I worked for the RSPCA for 21 years starting my career as an RSPCA Inspector culminating in me holding the position of Deputy Chief Officer of the RSPCA Inspectorate.

I was appointed as the charities Director of Operations for the Midlands and North of England in 2012 up until I took early retirement in 2014.

During my service with the RSPCA I worked alongside Pat Wilson as a colleague and a very close friend.

All the time that I have known and worked with Pat his commitment and concern for the welfare of animals was his top priority. Pats loyalty and professionalism is second to none.

I would whole heartily recommend using his Pets Express Taxi Service, as a pet owner you want peace of mind and to know that your pet is in good and safe hands for the duration of its journey and that is exactly what you will get with Pats business operation.

Animal & Plant Health AgencyApproved & licensed by DEFRA
Type 2 Transport for both Great Britain & Europe

RSPCA Full member of the RSPCA

RSPBMember of the RSPB

Member of the Pets Forum