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Prince to Cheshire

When you have to transport such ‘special cargo’, which animals inevitably are, then you need to know that the person entrusted with the job, is going to treat your pet as you would treat them yourself – I had never heard of pet couriers before, so I was somewhat concerned about how it would work and whether I was doing the right thing for my new toy poodle, Prince.

I needn’t have worried!

From start to finish, Patrick ensured that Prince was treated like royalty from the moment he was in Patrick’s care from Norfolk, to the moment he was handed to me at the end of Prince’s journey to Cheshire.

I had been told by the person selling Prince, that he was the gentlest and most wonderfully natured dog, but that he did not like travelling in cars – it wasn’t that Prince would get sick on car journeys, but he would simply shake with fear.

After a four to five hour journey, in which Patrick had allowed for several toilet and water breaks for my new dog, I was expecting Prince to arrive in quite a stressed state. Instead, there was my beautiful boy, waiting to greet me, as if he’d only been in a car for 10 minutes……..I was so relieved!

I contacted Prince’s previous owner to inform her he had arrived safely, because we were both anxious for him, but both hugely relieved that he had arrived in such a good physical and emotional state.

I have no doubt that Patrick was made for this work – not only because of his background as an RSPCA inspector, but it was obvious that he also took great pride in the service he offered animals. This was apparent from the excellently appointed vehicles he uses for this work, but more importantly, evident in Patrick’s love and care for the animals he transports.

The following night, Patrick even phone me to enquiry how Prince was settling in…….which showed just how much he really does care for the wellbeing of animals in his care. So if anyone is going to need to transport their pets and can’t do it themselves, not only are the costs surprisingly reasonable, but I couldn’t think of a better company to use and better person to be operating this sort of business.

It will probably be highly unlikely I will ever need to use this sort of service again in my lifetime, but if I did, I would use Patrick’s company in a heartbeat.

If anyone reading this wants to speak to me personally about my experience of Pets Express Taxi Service, I am more than happy for Patrick to give you my mobile phone number.

Fiona Cotton

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